Monday, September 08, 2008

Party-Sponsored Prejudice: Williamson County GOP Website Blames All Nashville Kurds for Robberies and Drug Dealers

This is a potentially huge black eye for dark red-Williamson County, and largely ignored by the media (including the blogs), but a little over a month ago their numero uno political party published statements lashing out against an entire ethnic group in Nashville for the crimes of a small number. I could not believe my eyes when I read their "Outrage of the Week" for July 25:
Two members of the notorious Kurdish Pride Gang were given felony convictions in Davidson County courts this week. They were convicted of conspiring to rob and murder a local drug dealer, and when interrupted by a uniformed officer, they tried to kill the policemen. The KPG gained national recognition through previous crime sprees. There are 8,000 Kurdish immigrants living here in Nashville trying to repay our hospitality by robbing us and dealing drugs.
These comments go beyond the garden-variety conservative Republican anti-immigrant animosity. They are deplorable example of broad-brushed prejudice directed at entire ethnic groups who become the scapegoats on which conservatives dump every community ill.

Williamson Co. Republicans would have us hate all Kurdish immigrants and looking at this video of Nashville Kurds planning more robberies and drug deals I can understand why:

And here's some insurance against the potential for any future website scrubbing:

UPDATE: Independent blogger, Greg from the left, posted on the racist GOP website back in August.

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