Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Sarah Palin Warned by Judge about "Child Abuse"

Sarah Palin was so disparaging of her brother-in-law before she became governor that a judge had to issue her a warning long before she allegedly ordered his firing:
Now it comes out that before she even became governor -- and was in a position to abuse her power of office -- Palin had to be warned by the judge in the divorce case that her harassment of Wooten amounted to "a form of child abuse."

If her behavior was so abusive and over-the-line before she became governor (this was in 2005), can there really be much doubt she would have used all her power of office to get him fired?
This is the self-proclaimed lipsticked hockey mom and home schooler who is having to be warned by a judge not to abuse children in her family.


  1. Republicans abusing children is certainly nothing new.
    One can easily tell that by the way Palin has allowed her daughter to become an abuser of alcohol that she has other priorities aside from child welfare.

    Scrubbing the budget for assisting Teenage mothers is further evidence.

  2. And the McCain camp knows her feelings on the welfare of women and children. It was the McCain campaign that explained the real reason for firing the Commissioner of Public Safety. He was apparently seeking funds to deal with the outrages rate of rate and child sexual abuse in Alaska. The Associated Press reported it. See the link..

    So much for Republican values. Anyone voting for this ticket should be ashamed.