Friday, September 12, 2008

The Serial Lying of Sarah Palin

Sarah Palin cannot even just concede that she was for the bridge to nowhere before she was against it. Reading the manuscript of the ABC interview like watching graphic mutilation of the truth by a series of torturous qualifications:
GIBSON: You have said continually, since he chose you as his vice-presidential nominee, that I said to Congress, thanks but not thanks. If we're going to build that bridge, we'll build it ourselves.

PALIN: Right.

GIBSON: But it's now pretty clearly documented. You supported that bridge before you opposed it. You were wearing a t-shirt in the 2006 campaign, showed your support for the bridge to nowhere.

PALIN: I was wearing a t-shirt with the zip code of the community that was asking for that bridge. Not all the people in that community even were asking for a $400 million or $300 million bridge.

GIBSON: But you turned against it after Congress had basically pulled the plug on it; after it became apparent that the state was going to have to pay for it, not the Congress; and after it became a national embarrassment to the state of Alaska. So do you want to revise and extend your remarks.

PALIN: It has always been an embarrassment that abuse of the ear form -- earmark process has been accepted in Congress. And that's what John McCain has fought. And that's what I joined him in fighting. It's been an embarrassment, not just Alaska's projects. But McCain gives example after example after example. I mean, every state has their embarrassment.

GIBSON: But you were for it before you were against it. You were solidly for it for quite some period of time...

PALIN: I was...

GIBSON: ... until Congress pulled the plug.

PALIN: I was for infrastructure being built in the state. And it's not inappropriate for a mayor or for a governor to request and to work with their Congress and their congressmen, their congresswomen, to plug into the federal budget along with every other state a share of the federal budget for infrastructure.

GIBSON: Right.

PALIN: What I supported was the link between a community and its airport. And we have found that link now.
See, she was "for infrastructure being built in the state." It could be any infrastructure; it really didn't matter what kind.

She really wants us to believe that she's that indiscriminate about her priorities? That she was just for any infrastructure which just incidentally included the bridge to nowhere?

And the t-shirt just randomly fell on her torso when she innocently assumed she was touting a zip code rather than a bridge?

How can watching Republicans operate not be an insult to anyone's intelligence?

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  1. Palin's responses truly do skirt the truth, as she attempted to maintain her spin on this issue... She is definitely not the ethical and principled person that she would have your believe. Not only did she support the bridge and the reckless expendature of public Federal monies, but these monies were left in Alaska's budget to be spent as she saw, infrastructure and roads constructed to the "bridge to no where." How can that be....? Sounds somewhat corrupt to me...!