Monday, December 08, 2008

Kay Brooks Primes the Pump of Hatred

She's done it.  She's discovered the missing link between Communists and Unitarian-Universalists: the Nashville Peace and Justice Center. Would the world be a better place with even fewer Unitarians around to "stand on the side of love" against hatred? If enough conservatives prime that pump, there probably will be fewer around.

But putting mainline liberal churches aside (especially since there was no need for Kay Brooks to drag them into her harangue against NPJC's intention to defeat English Only), let's assume that NPJC associates with Communists for the sake of argument.  Is associating with a party that fought for equal rights for women and ethnic minorities during times in the early 20th Century when it was unpopular to do so worse than Eric Crafton's association with the national organization of John Tanton, who has flirted with segregationism, anti-semitism, and white nationalism? It's a false choice, given that lots of different people along the political spectrum constitute the local opposition to English Only, but I would rather associate with people who fight for equal rights than I would with those who fight exclusively for the rights of WASPs.

UPDATE: Christian Grantham is keeping tabs on responses to the Brooksian coldness toward UUs (and the absence of "Friendliness" toward Quakers? Heh.) And he has the quote of the day so far on Twitter:
Frankly, I don't know why Eric Crafton didn't try to make the King James version of English Nashville's official language.
Indeed, what he is pushing is just as arbitrary and capricious.

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