Friday, December 26, 2008

Where the heck are Alexander and Corker?

Why aren't the Tennessee Senators calling for an investigation of and more regulation over TVA in the wake of the Kingston disaster?

Joe Powell locates Alexander in October on the pay hike that the TVA executive received:

There are many questions about current safety, officials ever-changing stories and what -if any - health issues are being aggressively pursued. Since TVA's CEO just earned a record multi-million dollar salary, let's see if he is worth it. As Senator Lamar Alexander told the press in October when news of the massive pay raise was made:

The TVA board should be sensitive to keeping its costs down, especially at a time when Tennesseans are hurting,” he said. “But TVA is the largest utility in the country and it’s got to recruit competent people to run the agency, including its nuclear plants, and it need pay them a competitive wage in order to keep them."

Many people are truly in peril today due to this massive disaster, Mr. Senator. And let's hope like hell competence is the least of their virtues.
I would say that both Senators owe East Tennesseans an updated response on what they are doing in response to this major infrastructure collapse. Corker bothered to continue to milk his newfound celebrity with a Dec. 23rd website post on the Detroit auto companies. He has had 3 days to respond to the TVA mess, but where is a response?

UPDATE: A Huffington Post commenter had some choice words for Senator Bob Corker and his Tennessee constituents yesterday:
It's Ironic that within just the last few weeks, Senator Bob Corker and his constituents in Tennessee were railing against loans for the auto industry. Screaming to let them go under for their own selfish economic interests.
I'll bet they get their hands out real quick asking the federal taxpayers to pay for the cleanup of this mess because if TVA is forced to pay for it , the customers are going to have to pay more for electricity.
Hopefully all of the "fiscally responsible" Republicans in Congress will have the backbone to say no to this bailout.
Call it karma or whatever you like, but you reap what you sow Tennessee.

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