Tuesday, December 30, 2008

TVA Fails to Follow up on Commitment to Swan Pond Resident

The hyper-local journaler forced to live among TVA's ashes expresses her disappointment that her assigned TVA "point person" failed to follow through; there is also a note of urgency in her writing:
No call back regarding the HEPA filters... I will be calling my point person and find out why.

The Ash is drying... and it's not all wet anymore.  Still no answers to the exact content of the ash....

This is a HUGE concern.  Large amounts of dry ash & even a calm breeze moves these lightweight particles around.  They settle on everything.  We are breathing them.
The new cocoon TVA has spun around its neighbors with roadblocks to minimize contact with outside agents and to manage locals' perceptions will only function if the ├╝ber-utility stays in constant contact. It doesn't seem to be working for this Swan Pond resident.

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  1. Thanks Mike for helping me get the word out.
    I have posted on the TVA briefing that was held today at 2:00pm. Yet another round with questions that were not really answered....