Sunday, December 28, 2008

VW Could Not Afford to Buy This Kind of PR

Positive puff piece after positive puff piece, the Chattanooga Times Free Press gives Volkswagen its own business page of free promotion. Shouldn't the German automaker be bankrolling some of those reporters' salaries in exchange for all that cushy writing?


  1. What is it about the facts surrounding the VW plant that you consider to be "puff"? Mr.


    With Toyota is pulling the plug on it's MS plant as it nears 90% completion, and not hiring or equipping the plant, do you think Chattanooga got a bad deal here? What you are reading is the excitement of having a great thing happen in Chattanooga.

    The real story is how VW TDI clean diesels are going to make the Toyota Prius look like the ugly, overpriced, impractical, obsolete, toxic end-of-life, eco-fashion faux-pas that it is. 90% of the car will be made of North American parts, and 100% of the labor. Even the gas powered versions will be made just for North American drivers, but with typical and legendary VW quality, safety, and reliability.

    Result: a steady supply of local jobs.

    Quit whining.

  2. You don't like the term "puff piece"? Does slick, promotional infomercial sound better?