Sunday, December 28, 2008

Women's Health News has news for Obama

Rachel is having a self-described conniption over the Kingston/Harriman coal sludge disaster and calls President-Elect Barack Obama to task for his support of "clean coal":
Coal, like oil, is a relatively finite resource that releases pollutants when used for energy. We blow the tops off of mountains and irreversibly wreck the local environment, or we send men underground to die. We try to reduce emissions we know are toxic, and end up with ponds of contaminated ash water that nobody bothers to regulate as a hazardous substance. When we worry about asthma, when we worry about the mercury consumed by children and pregnant women, we are worried about burning coal (or would be, if we knew enough). Clean coal is a myth.
I agree. It's time for Barack Obama to back away from the fable of clean coal.

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