Sunday, December 21, 2008

Suburbs Hire "Lawyers, P.R. People, and Lobbyists" to Keep Trains Locked in Urban Neighborhoods

Here's a story about more suburban residents who demand the benefits of living in a service society without shouldering the responsibility.

Suburban neighborhoods tend to be NIMBY about homeless shelters, halfway houses, and government service delivery centers even as the economic diversity of the suburbs grows each year. With many suburban areas also becoming more urbanized and evolving into commercial nodes, it only makes sense that they should be willing to accept the transportation infrastructure that goes with such growth. Cities should not have to bear all of the costs of commerce. Unless they organize into those dreaded "community organizations," urban residents do not have the disposable wealth to challenge their suburban counterparts.

I would like to suggest that if wealthy neighborhoods do not want the burden of railways through their neighborhoods, then maybe their resources would be better spent on alternative and more expensive means of shipping goods and services straight to their enclaves.

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