Monday, December 29, 2008

TVA Already Reported What Was in the Ash. Reporters Failed to Find It

News 2's Christian Grantham posted the following comment:
Mike, TVA reports to the public precisely what's in the fly ash through the EPA. Here is their report.

The only reason main stream media hasn't reported it isn't because TVA isn't sharing it. It's because reporters haven't been smart enough to just get the report right off the web.
So, the journalists are just as culpable for the lack of TVA transparency as TVA is. Where the hell are the reporters?

UPDATE: The other question preying on my mind is why the hell didn't TVA just refer the public to its EPA report?

UPDATE: Christian argues that it is important to maintain a distinction between river tests (toxic) and tests at the source of treated water (not toxic). That point may matter, but I wonder how much so now that the land-laden ash is likely drying out and going airborne.  Hazardous exposure is not just a matter of processed H2O.

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