Tuesday, December 30, 2008

But There is Silence There

No Silence Here has an updated survey of the websites of Tennessee's elected officials regarding the appalling lack of comment regarding the Kingston ash disaster on the part of the leaders whom our red state elected to office to oversee entities like the Tennessee Valley Authority. Michael Silence is vexed with the fact that only one official has issued a response:
I find this appalling and pathetic, especially with Rep. [Lincoln] Davis. I know it's the holiday season, but communicating via the Web is becoming more and more critical. For example, providing constituents with a phone number to learn if their community is impacted would be useful. Providing informative links would also be helpful.

Unfortunately, all this does is reinforce Congress' image of being slow, inept and ineffective. In many situations, that's good for America. But not this one.
Maybe they're out buying party hats and noise makers for New Years.

UPDATE: A corporate media type gets around to contacting Senator Corker's office, which gets around to issuing the usual "the Senator is aware" of the problem, which of course states the obvious. Like we didn't know that the new GOP golden boy and union-shop slayer was not aware of something that happens regarding energy in his back yard. Like we didn't know that ABC's Jake Tapper ended his Sunday morning segment with Corker by sending out thoughts and prayers to besieged Kingstonians. Enlighten us, Senator Corker. Tell us something we don't know about your plans for responding to this disaster and preventing it from ever happening again.

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