Sunday, December 28, 2008

Environmentalist Tells Tennessean TVA Knows What's In the Ash But Will Not Tell

Stephen Smith tells the Tennessean that after six days TVA has sampling data from their ash spill and that it is unacceptable that they will not share it with the public. He also points out that they sell part of the ash to cement companies, so they already have some grasp of what is in it. I guess transparency isn't high on TVA's priority list.


  1. High levels of everything bad.

    Simple, huh?

    We know that TVA has Republicans leadership. We know that Republican first instinct is cover-up. That's what makes them the Culture of Corruption.

    Still can't figure out why I'm seemingly the only one asking for Kilgore's resignation. Hope someone more important asks.

  2. Mike, TVA reports to the public precisely what's in the fly ash through the EPA. Here is their report.

    The only reason main stream media hasn't reported it isn't because TVA isn't sharing it. It's because reporters haven't been smart enough to just get the report right off the web.