Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Nashville is Talking is Leading Nashville's Traditional Media Blog Pack in Coverage of the TVA Disaster

News 2's Christian Grantham is going beyond rounding up links of local and state bloggers covering the TVA ash spill since last Monday. NiT is also asking the relevant political questions that the media should be asking but is generally not:
How much is TVA willing to spend to return the Emory and Tennessee Rivers to the condition they were before TVA released hundreds of thousands of gallons of coal wastes in them? Where are the voices of our lawmakers in Nashville who represent Tennesseans like the Hurricane Creek Keeper who demand accountability? Where are our state's U.S. Senators in standing up for accountability to the citizens of this great state? Why don't our elected officials sound like the Hurricane Creek Keeper?
NiT is even more focused on the political dimensions of the disaster than is Southcomm's flagship blog, Post Politics, which is paying marginal attention to the fallout and implications of Tennessee's worst environmental disaster ever. The Nashville Scene's proclaimed "Best Political Aggregator" continues to be strictly focused on the narrow scope of party politics (though exhaustively on Bristol Palin), while ignoring broader or local political questions.

Speaking of the Nashville Scene, their bloggers seem to be on holiday, much like Senators Lamar Alexander and Bob Corker. And the Tennessean political blog is scantily clad by questions any larger than Jason Mumpower's love of comic books.

So, kudos to Christian Grantham and Nashville is Talking (not a political blog per se), which is driving much more aggressively at the political conditions of ground zero than any other media blog, even the ones that claim to be focused on politics.

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