Thursday, December 04, 2008

One Lost Erection Does Not a Tragedy Make

It's like a wake at the Nashville Charrette now that 70 stories are 86'ed. There was once a pipe dream that was Signature Tower:

I know it's a sad time for some with urban design on the mind, but I'm sure the spirits over there will be on the mend soon and regular charrette heads will be back to bashing Obama more mightily than ever.


  1. I read the Charrette regularly, but the disconnect among some of the regulars between urban development, always in the form of tall buildings, and actually advocating investment in the kind of projects that makes living in a city pleasant, makes me wonder exactly WHERE in Davidson County their Republican zealot crowd lives. If they're in Davidson at all.

    I wonder if those guys like supertall buildings just because they want to be able to see downtown from their houses in Bellevue or Mount Juliet or wherever.

  2. Now, S-town, you know that is was a triumvirate of shorties who formed the NC. Sure we get some hyper-tall enthusiasts, but the true urban crowd is well represented. I'm not sure which thread you have been reading. Sure, some of the posts lament the shrinking of Siggy, but my own and those of NewTowner at least partly offset those. And, anonymous poster, I can guarantee you that there are plenty of NC posters who live in the heart of Nashville.