Wednesday, March 04, 2009

Corker supporters might want to give this one a second look

Back in December, Gail Kerr was gah-gah over Bob Corker's stand against the unions and the "Big 3" domestic automakers based on the idea that they needed to become more like their non-union foreign counterparts:
The economy crashed and left the U.S. auto industry teetering on the brink. And there stood Bob Corker to save the day ....

[Corker said] The union would have to agree to match the labor costs of foreign automakers operating in the U.S. Like Nissan, Toyota and, soon, Volkswagen. Because if the union didn't agree to cuts, they'd end up with no contract and a bankrupt company.

Like Toyota, which is posting a 40% drop in February sales as it is getting retooled to start marketing its new lines? What is Toyota going to have to agree to match to get their sales back up? I can't wait to see how Kerr says Corker will save this one.

Corker cannot blame the unions for this one. The problem for the industry as a whole was executive mismanagement, the global financial downturn, and the inability of consumers to afford new cars or gas prices once the economic bubble burst.

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