Tuesday, March 03, 2009

Council Approves Spot Zoning for Goodpasture Christian School

In spite of two LED Task Force members standing up to oppose Michael Craddock's substitute spot-zoning bill to allow a private school to have an LED billboard, the Metro Council voted unanimously in favor of allowing the billboard on second reading tonight. Voice votes are automatically registered as unanimous.

The Task Force members had merely asked the Council to defer the motion until their committee had finished its work.

Now I look forward to the next time any of these council members stands up to argue that spot-zoning is not good planning practice and harmful to the community. They will not have a leg on which to stand. Once you pass one spot zone, you have a precedent to pass any other, including those that would allow LEDs in residential areas.

CM Karen Bennett vocally supported the LED billboard and admitted that she is a Goodpasture alum. And I'm wondering how that does not make her a candidate for abstaining from voting on the bill at all.

I was surprised to hear Walter Hunt trash the LED Task Force as government "taking too much time." The bulk of task force members are citizens who volunteer their own personal time to deliberate this issue. I've criticized the make-up as being too biased, but I would never presume that the time they have taken is too long, given that they are not by and large paid politicians. If I had been on that committee I would have been insulted by Mr. Hunt's criticism. Maybe CM Hunt doesn't grasp the importance of encouraging citizen involvement rather than discouraging it with harsh and careless judgments.

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  1. Of course. We are ruled by Lamar Advertising. They want their LED signs anywhere and everywhere. They'll even put them up where they aren't supposed to, and refuse to take them down.