Friday, March 06, 2009

Karl Dean's Metro beat hound barking up the wrong trees again

Southcomm Corporation's Nate Rau is at it again writing public relations copy for the Mayor's Office and calling it "news analysis."

On the one hand, rather than investigating Karl Dean's reasons for ramrodding his version of the stormwater bill through earlier this week, Nate Rau merely attributes the Mayor's logic to the nebulous category of "whatever." On the other hand, he uses the word of a unnamed lobbyist to impute a ruthlessness to popular former Mayor Bill Purcell (as if working with the likes of high-maintenance conservative council kingpins Charlie Tygard and Eric Crafton was easier than it looked).

And in the middle, Rau punctuates the dissent of Mike Jameson as if Jameson's only motive were to adulate Bill Purcell rather than question the unprecedented logic of calling special council meetings in place of a budget process yet to run its course. Rather than dissecting Dean's point (and proper analysis tends to require dissection) that corporate fees commensurate with higher run-off would be a mistake in a gloomy economy, Rau seems to sell it. Leave it to one of the lowly City Paper commenters to point out the logical consequence that Mayor Dean intends then to charge employees whom corporations lay off more in a gloomy economy. How can reporters earn a paycheck when they cannot even bring themselves to connect these dots?

I swear, if Nate Rau is bucking for a communications position in some future Dean administration, he is positioning himself nicely for that safety net. There is no other powder-puff quarterback who can make a better pitch in the press.

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