Saturday, March 07, 2009

Mayor's Office Resorts to "Goonery" to Keep Big Business's Water Fee Increases Disproportionately Lower than Everyone Else's

At least one local media outlet is not cowing and bowing to Mayor Karl Dean and it should get some credit for passing along reports of "strong-arming, numbers-peddling and some soft-spoken goonery" associated with his office. PiTW's Caleb Hannan zeros in on the hypocrisy and the uninformed zeal that Dean's lackeys--whether on his staff or on the council--used to mug CM Emily Evans and CM Jason Holleman who merely moved that Dean's stormwater rate increases be fairly distributed depending on stormwater output. Heaven forbid that rate increases be equitably levied.

The council did not think enough of the question of fairness and equity to even delay the vote until the questions could be answered and the numbers verified. Apparently neither did Karl Dean's pet reporter, Southcomm's Nate Rau, whose latest blog post looks like it is directly responding to Hannan's more critical analysis of the Dean administration's draconian handling of the stormwater increase legislation. Unlike the PiTW report, Rau levels allegations of strong-arming against the Evans-Holleman side without giving any specifics whatsoever.

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