Sunday, March 01, 2009

Police Report that Salemtown Tip Foiled HVAC Theft

A report from MNPD's Central Precinct posted to the Salemtown Neighbors e-mail list:
One of our Patrol FLEX units responded to a possible theft of a air conditional unit at 1711 6th Ave. North. The suspect a male black had parked his truck in behind the abandoned house and was standing outside of his vehicle when Officer Coates arrived on the scene. Officer Coates checked the a/c unit of the house the suspect was parked behind and he discovered the electrical wires of the unit had been cut, the duct work had been cut and the unit had been moved off of its base. Officer Coates attempted to get in touch with the owner of the house but was unable to so he left him a message. An Identification Unit responded to the location and photographed the crime scene. Since they could not get in touch with the property owner they decided not to prosecute at that time. Once they get in touch with the victim and verify ownership and the owner didn't authorize the suspect to be there or work on the a/c unit prosecution will be forth coming.

Because of a good neighborhood calling in the theft of another A/C unit has been prevented.

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