Sunday, November 01, 2009

Knoxville neighborhoods take aim at vacant, blighted properties

According to Knoxviews, two nationally know experts will be in Knoxville on Thursday evening to speak with community leaders about dealing with vacant buildings and blight:
Their visit to Knoxville is part of a joint city-county-neighborhood effort to identify the scope of vacant, blighted properties in the city and county, and to consider strategies to reduce the number of such properties, thereby improving neighborhoods and commercial districts, as well as stabilizing property values.

“Abandoned properties pose significant fire and safety hazards, lower nearby property values, attract vandalism and criminal activity, and generate increased demands for government services such as codes enforcement, police, and fire,” said Madeline Rogero, director of the City’s Community Development Department. “Dan [Kildee] and Amy [Hovey] have worked with cities and counties across the country to develop strategies that work” ....

“Abandoned property is a burden on neighborhoods and local government,” says Grant Rosenberg, director of Knox County Neighborhoods and Community Development Department. “We look forward to this joint effort reviewing our current programs and policies and studying best practices across the country in order to develop more effective local strategies.”

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