Sunday, November 01, 2009

"Huge bullies" like Lamar Advertising

Southern Beale is not pleased with the appearance of a LED billboard in her Green Hills community:
when it first appeared (in place of an old-fashioned non-electronic kind) it raised a huge outcry among neighborhood folks who don’t like the increasing prevalence of these electronic thingamajigs. They are quite controversial irrespective of their advertising content, mainly because they are too bright, too loud, and too obnoxious for anyplace not Times Square ....

This one shows us the weather report and sports headlines in addition to advertisements. Personally, if I want to know the weather forecast I'm not looking at a freaking billboard. Thank you for turning what is a quiet retail/residential area into something that resembles downtown Tokyo. How sensitive to the neighborhood. Not.

This particular one, as I recall, doesn’t meet the existing code for where electronic billboards can be located. It was snuck in under the dead of night under the outdoor advertising industry’s favorite “let’s do what we want now and deal with the consequences later” ploy. Outdoor advertising companies like Lamar are huge bullies, in my opinion.

As I recall, Councilman Sean McGuire was supposedly working to get it removed, though that was a few months ago and I never heard any more about it.


  1. Get a life, bet you own a cell phone and oh those towers look great don't they? Please

  2. According to my stat counter, that last comment came straight from Lamar Advertising. I guess we shouldn't be surprised that sign industry men who keep LED billboards on the down low also wouldn't want their actual names attached to trollish behavior on blog comment sections during work hours.