Monday, November 23, 2009

SouthComm celebrity makers spin neighborhood leaders as "berating" Finance Director

I would be interested to hear the responses of concerned West Nashvillians to SouthComm reporter Joey Garrison's spin on their community meetings with Finance Director Rich Riebeling:
One minute he’s berated by neighborhood association leaders at a community meeting in west Nashville. The next day he’s with state officials at Legislative Plaza representing the city’s fiscal interests. And the following afternoon he’s a political battering ram, questioning an embattled (now outgoing) Metro parks director and recommending layoffs to ease a departmental budget crisis. He plays antagonist of sorts in this high-stakes game of municipal finance — and, not least, protagonist for any and all matters that have some impact on Metro’s $1.5 billion annual budget.
As you ruminate this reportage, keep in mind that the City Paper has expressed a bias against organized neighborhoods in the past, and recall that their profiles on Dean administration critics (like Mike Jameson) tend to skew toward ingratiating promos for the Mayor's Office.

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