Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Hyper-local blogger reports that Pam Murray's campaign accepts money from absentee landlords with checkered police histories

The anonymous Districtfive blog digs into CM Pam Murray's latest campaign donor report--which was allegedly filed late at the Election Commission--and reports some troubling information about the company Ms. Murray keeps at election time:
It turns out, many of her supporters are owners of businesses that have a less than stellar record when it comes to maintaining a safe neighborhood. For each property, we took a look at the calls for service to the East Precinct police for the period of her tenure, 2003 to now.

Here is a sample:

Donor Address: 701 Dickerson Rd.
Amount Given: $500 (She also got an additional $500 from the FORMER owner of 701 Dickerson Rd).
Calls for Service: 1,477

Donor Address: 803 Dickerson Rd.
Amount Given: $250
Calls for Service: 1,984

Donor Address: 2202 Dickerson Rd.
Amount Given: $250
Calls for Service: 578

Meanwhile, how’s she doing on grassroots support? Out of the $3075 she reported in campaign contributions this period, only one donor gave less than or equal to $100. The rest of her contributors are all from gas station and hotel owners that don’t live in the district (except the $475 Ms. Murray gave herself). Her competitor reports $2720 in contributions that were $100 or less.

Which candidate do you think is more focused on supporting the actual constituents in District 5, the constituents that are improving this community?

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