Friday, November 13, 2009

3 votes ahead and tweeting like its 300

Council District 5 challenger Jamie Hollin finished last night unofficially 3 votes ahead of Pam Murray (542-539), but he responded to the news that there are still 4 provisional votes remaining to be counted today with some misplaced swagger:

As unethical and presumptuous as incumbent Pam Murray has been over her tenure, I took note of her measured and circumspect response to the Tennessean overnight, which stands in marked contrast to Hollin's overconfidence:
It's close, and I'm thankful to all my neighbors, and I'm just waiting for the outcome.
Even if Murray's attitude is staged, she still presents herself with more grace in possibly losing her long time seat than Jamie Hollin does in possibly taking it from her.

Whose votes are they again, Mr. Hollin? Yours? We'll see when votes are certified and we get past any possibility of legal challenge. And even then, doesn't your service on the council actually belong to all of your constituents in District 5?


  1. Cut him a little slack Mike. He fought a hard uphill battle with most people inside the district scared and intimidated to support him publicly and outside the district afraid to go near him because of the race issue. Let him enjoy his impending victory for a short while before the hard work begins of bringing this divided district back together again.

  2. What makes this difficult is that I expect such a response from Pam Murray, not from the challenger who intends to take the focus off the person in the seat and put it on District 5.

    Is it so hard to say, "We're confident that at the end of the process constituents will have given us the votes to serve them on the Council"? Is diplomacy under duress too much to ask of a leader?

  3. Isn't that supposed to be a joke? I read it as Hollin saying that he personally voted a bunch of times and was made to fill out a provisional ballot twice. Granted, it's not a funny joke, but I see it less as swagger than as a lousy sense of humor.

  4. This doesn't read like he's joking:

  5. It is meant as a matter of fact statement. I know Jamie, he worked the neighborhood campaign like the professional he is, and knew his supporters. So he probably indeed knew two of the four people voting.

  6. Pam Murray, after hearing the results of the election actually said, “All I know is this whole thing has been a conspiracy since day one.” You must have a new definition of grace of which I am not aware. If someone had called me a drug dealer, I would have been much more arrogant than you perceive Mr. Hollin to be.