Monday, November 09, 2009

Metro Council only cares about Parks when it comes to permitting guns or not

This council debate on guns-in-parks just won't die. CM Sam Coleman is bound and determined to permit park-goers to holster up somewhere in the county on public property (but not the Council chambers!). So, he's asked Metro Parks to provide him with a list of rural or isolated parks and greenways.

Wait a minute. How come Sam Coleman doesn't already know on the basis of his own research, constituent feedback, or actual experience the rural or isolated parks or greenways that might dictate carrying a gun? He's just indiscriminately requesting permission to carry in every single rural or isolated park without reference to actual crime reports or statistics, but merely because they are rural or isolated?

And take note that Bells Bend Park is on the list of Parks given to CM Coleman. For several months I've been encouraging people I know to visit there. Yet, in one fell swoop, Sam Coleman is going to black-list Bells Bend Park as among those so unsafe that visitors should pack heat to drive off the criminal element. Is he really that intent on sabotaging some beautiful back country based on uninformed decisions and his own ignorance of the actual conditions outside of an arbitrary list?

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  1. I would feel far safer packing heat when I go to Shelby Bottoms, and would love to see the crime stats from that park!