Saturday, November 12, 2005

All Quiet To Those Who Choose To Spin Raw Data Rather Than Consider The Truth About Neighborhood Crime Rates

Chris Wage gives those suburbanites prone to blow too hard on politicized stereotypes of urban crime rates exactly what they have coming: crimes-per-capita of various Nashville zips.

You need to see Chris's cool "Crimes-Per-Capita-Per-Zip-Code" table, but here is his main conclusion:
The wealthier suburbs are relatively crime-free, and the downtown area is prone to crime even in areas where there really aren’t any residents [the East Bank near the Coliseum, for example]. But it is interesting to note that by these numbers, East Nashville is only marginally less safe than, say, Green Hills.
And the North End is only marginally less safe than East Nashville (<.02). It would be interesting to see the per capita per neighborhood watch group, too. That way you could break down the numbers within the zips in even more revealing ways.

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