Tuesday, November 01, 2005

Salemtown Is Become Morgan Park, And Thus, Playground For Morgan Park Place

Below is the point-of-reference map from the Morgan Park Place website. Looks attractive, but look closer. Morgan Park Place not only occupies the slice of land fronting Van Buren to the south, but it has swallowed up the entire block including the very public Morgan Park. Does anybody in Metro Parks know about the takeover?

Perhaps they do and they've decided to convert the Salemtown neighborhood into one giant park, because the map designates the blocks north of Hume as Morgan Park, instead of Salemtown. I can't decide whether living in a public park is good or bad for our real estate value. Also, notice that Germantown has completely subsumed East Germantown past 3rd Avenue all the way to the river. (At least they did spell "Neuhoff" correctly, which is more than I can say for the Salemtown Neighbors brochure map, which re-christened the complex "Heuhoff.")

I'm not sure exactly whose map-maker is responsible. It has to be either Village Real Estate or Lawrence Brothers or New Urban Construction or DAAD. While seemingly incorrect, it seems a stroke of marketing genius: Germantown looks bigger than real life, Morgan Park Place stamps an impressive footprint, rivaling Werthan Lofts, and Morgan Park looks more like Central Park than Morgan Park. Who wouldn't want to live in the midst of all of that?

And what's up with Morgan Park Place's website promotion for the planned "Markets at Morgan Park"? The contest for el dinero (as in "el dinero todo lo puede") and the lack of vendor promotion is rather odd.

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