Sunday, November 06, 2005

New Townhouses With Downtown Views Planned For Salemtown Near Werthan Lofts

Developers of Salemtown Gardens (to be located at the corner of 6th Ave. and Garfield St.) tell me of plans to continue the re-development of 6th Ave., North in Salemtown. They intend to build 6 townhouses on the property at the corner of Hume St. and 6th Ave., North near Morgan Park and Werthan Lofts. A dated duplex rental structure currently sits on the property. The plans that they showed me call for the 6 townhouses to be clus-tered into 3 groups of 2; 1 group will face 6th Ave., North toward Werthan Lofts and the other 2 will face Downtown on Hume St.

While the current ground-level southern orientation of the property has a somewhat obstructed view of Downtown over the commercially operating Werthan Packing Plant and the Germantown neighborhood (picture below and to the right), developers plan to build 3 stories to each 1,200 foot townhouse, so that residents will have unobstructed views of Downtown from their second-floor and third-floor windows. Each townhouse will have a one-car garage at the back, off of the alley, consistent with the urban char-acter of the neigh-borhood.

Developers are currently in dis-cussions with con-sultants about a name for the new build. Construction of the town-houses, planned to begin and end in 2006, is pending Planning Commission and Metro Council approval.

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