Saturday, November 05, 2005

One of The Best Jobs Of Guest Hosting At NiT By Far

Nashville Is Talking, News 2's blog of local blogs, is aptly run by Brittney Gilbert. But each weekend Brittney takes a break and asks a local blogger to run the show until Monday. This weekend fellow Salemtown blogger and good neighbor John H. of Salem's Lots is spinning the syntax.

I've kept up with the NiT guest bloggers over the months and I can think of only one or two that have thrown themselves into the effort with as much energy as John H. has so far this weekend. John's post count so far is over 35, which is twice as many as some NiT guest bloggers post in an entire weekend; if he were to stop now, he would have more than earned the $100 News 2 pays weekend bloggers.

But the quality of John's posts is just as impressive as the quantity of them. Some NiT guest bloggers do little more than bore their audience with the self-referential details of their weekend social calendar and football recaps; John H. is consistently writing on the interesting details of area blogs other than his own or prominent news stories, and he's making a yeoman's effort to make the uninteresting interesting. In the end, that fits the definition of journalism, even if it's mere "citizen journalism."

Check John's work out this weekend if the opportunity affords.


  1. You ain't kiddin'. The H-man came to play, didn't he? Damn!

  2. John is no doubt kickin' it! and raising the standard of excellence as well - it is hard work, especially on a nice weekend as we are having!

  3. I know that excellent blogging is its own reward, but I'd like to see the folks at WKRN (nudge, nudge, Mike Sechrist) find a way to encourage the kind of guest blogging that John H. has represented this weekend. The truly outstanding efforts should be rewarded with more than just the $100 that any old guest blogger gets for just sitting in front of a computer and droning about the burritos he ate with his posse on Saturday (all the while giving "shout outs" to various otherwise unknown persons). Maybe WKRN could put together a board of local bloggers to designate the "Best Guest Blogger," giving her or him some lagniappe to go along with the bucks. Or maybe Brittney could just pick one herself.