Thursday, November 10, 2005

Promiscuous Rocks and Violating The Sabbath In The "Good Old Days" On The North End: It Was Hardly Sunday Soccer Games In White House

Here's a very interesting story on the North End from the Monday, September 5, 1881 edition of the Nashville Banner:

Disgraceful Scenes In And Around the City Yesterday.

No Sabbath for the past several months has been attended with more disgraceful scenes than yesterday, in this city. It seems that crime is on the increase.
One of the worst rows that ever occurred, and one which came near being a riot, took place in the Ninth Ward [now the North End], at the "Old Government Building," corner of Summer [now 5th Ave., North] and Monroe streets, between several negro men and women. The difficulty first originated between some of the parties beyond Laitenberger's Garden [now Morgan Park]. Afterwards it resumed at the point above named .... The row occurred all about a game of "craps" .... Rocks were flying in every direction for a time; knives and guns were used and sticks were too numerous to mention .... Rocks were thrown promiscuously during the time, and several persons passing the street received licks. Four of the parties were caught [by police] ... and at the trial this morning a fine of fifty dollars each was assessed against them.
Can you imagine those White House, Tennessee Aldermen who recently had their prayer panties in a wad reading this and saying, "See where game-playing on Sundays could lead? Thank goodness we nipped family soccer outings in the bud."

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  1. Since I work a literal stone's throw from that corner, I'd be fascinated to know more about the "Old Government Building" or see a photo of it. I remember at some point reading about a similarly described building in the early history of Fisk and wonder if they might be one and the same.