Friday, December 01, 2006

Bad Seeds in Anti-Immigration

Tennessee Klansmen join others in Georgia to protest illegal immigration.

And in Arizona, a guy pulls up to a Catholic cathedral during Mass, brandishes a Glock, turns on a loudspeaker and screams,
You people don't seem to understand forbidden territory, whether it's a child's anus or the American border! You just want to push on in, don't you? We are going to be driving you back to Mexico real goddamn soon! .... Get used to it! My name is Roy Warden, and I burn Mexican flags!
Thank God for free speech; it allows us to witness this movement's various, nefarious colors.


  1. A moron and a coward to be sure, but guys like Roy Warden don't scare me much. It's the guy that seethes quitely below the surface, and by the time you know about him, it's already too late. I'm surprized though, that this clown isn't in jail. Assault is loosely defined as the threat of physical violence, coupled with the apparent ability to carry it out. Seems to me this fits the bill. Perhaps his other assault arrests will result in jail time, sounds like he could use a warm bed.

  2. has anyone aside from me heard about the self appointed "munite men." Well, one threatened an immigrant with an m16 and is being charged. So, this roy will get caught and charged eventually. Besides, not all Catholics are mexican.However I HATE when they try and sneak across our border