Thursday, December 28, 2006

Dim Memo

Given that [Mayoral Candidate David] Briley is a coherent, seemingly normal person, his inability to connect with voters who live more than 1000 yards from a Bongo Java coffeehouse is hard to explain.

- -From the "Mayoral Memo" published at Volunteer Voters

I live more than 1,000 yards from Bongo Java, and I have not sensed any inability to connect. What am I? An anecdote?

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  1. "The red-state/blue-state divide also helped conservatives perform one of their dearest rhetorical maneuvers, which we will call the latte libel: the suggestion that liberals are identifiable by their tastes and consumer preferences and that these tastes and preferences reveal the essential arrogance and foreignness of liberalism. While a more straightforward discussion of politics might begin by considering the economic interests that each party serves, the latte libel insists that such interests are irrelevant. Instead it's the places that people live and the things that they drink, eat, and drive that are the critical factors, the clues that bring us to the truth. In particular, the things that liberals are said to drink, eat, and drive: the Volvos, the imported cheese, and above all, the lattes."

    --Thomas Frank, What's the Matter With Kansas?