Friday, December 29, 2006

Glad Winds Shift Net Neutrality's Way

To bolster their chances of trust building corporate merger with BellSouth, AT&T has conceded on the matter of net neutrality (charging all content providers equally, rather than charging more for greater speed), reportedly dropping its opposition to restrictions on how it charges for internet service. One of the factors influencing this course change appears to be the neutrality of the overseeing Federal Communications Commission itself, which refused to break its deadlock and allow AT&T to pursue BellSouth without any ethical restraints, which the Bush Justice Department had allowed.

The emboldened opponents of this deal are demanding even more concessions from AT&T, which they should now that the conditions and momentum in Congress have shifted away from the failed oversight of the past 6 years. AT&T needs to be watched like a hawk, especially with their increased economic and political power after the merger.

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