Tuesday, December 12, 2006

A Convenient Church Ethic

Compare and contrast:

In 2005, Southern Baptist Convention attorneys told a woman reporting sexual abuse by her youth minister 40 years ago that the convention has no control over whom a church appoints as minister.

In 2003, on the occasion of the SBC dissolving ties with a Nashville church that appointed a lesbian minister, SBC Officer Richard Land told the Associated Press, "In having a homosexual or lesbian minister, they are clearly endorsing homosexual behavior, and thus have defined themselves outside of the Southern Baptist Convention."

Read more on this Southern Baptist hypocrisy at Free Tennessee.

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  1. This isn't as convenient as it's made out to be. Like the SBC, many conventions/associations are not involved in the ordination processes of member churches. However, the SBC has set standards on how they (and member churches) should deal with homosexuality. They reject it as "sin". The SBC dissolved ties with a member church not because of who the church licensed or ordained for ministry, but because the Nashville church blatantly rejected an official position held by the SBC.

    This alone does not equate to hypocrisy. But it is rather ridiculous and "scripturally shady" - as is much of the SBC's rules/practices are.