Monday, December 18, 2006

Trust Introduces Development Plans for 5th & Garfield to Salemtown Residents

If you missed the Salemtown Neighbors Christmas Party this past Friday night, you didn't just miss a festive and food-filled party. You also missed the first public announcement by Trust Development officers of plans (pending some requested easements) for a townhouse/single-family home development to anchor the corner of 5th and Garfield. Trust President Jim Creason (of The Clayton on 6th Avenue fame) also used the occasion to ask neighbors for feedback and suggestions on the preliminary drawings he brought for our perusal (they look akin to this). The buzz I'm hearing looks very good for Trust. 5th and Garfield is one of the more important corners in Salemtown, and we've been waiting for quality at that intersection. It looks like we may be getting it, pending Planning Commission proceedings (no date announced, yet).

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