Saturday, December 09, 2006

Requiem for the Wagon

I've known of a while that the East End's premiere brunch stop, Red Wagon, was going to close up shop soon. In fact, I had kept information that this weekend would be it's last on the down-low; I was planning on doing a "Farewell to the Wagon" post tomorrow after it closed. And our family brunch today and tomorrow were going to to be at the Wagon regardless; nothing was going to keep me from my last chance to savor the best damned biscuits in Nashville, with some shrimp and grits or migas on the side.

Well, I found out today that weekend brunch has gotten a reprieve and that owner and chef Meg Guiffrida will keep the place open on weekends until her lease is up at the end of January. So, we've been given the gift of 7 more weekends after this one to scarf down Meg's wonderful fare. The end of the Wagon's trail is going to leave a huge vacuum in the weekend brunch market.

But Meg tells me that she has a friend who is planning on opening a restaurant in Germantown and that she may help him out once and a while there. If the menu includes those fat cat-head biscuits, I'm all over it.


  1. any clue where a new restaurant in G'town would go? Across from the G'town Cafe?