Monday, December 04, 2006

No Tears for Pinochet's Suffering

Hey Mr. Pinochet,
You've sown a bitter crop.
It's foreign money that supports you.
One day the money's going to stop.
No wages for your torturers;
No budget for your guns.
Can you think of your own mother
Dancin' with her invisible son?

- - Sting, They Dance Alone

Notorious Chilean dictator of the late 20th Century, Augusto Pinochet has suffered a heart attack and he is in serious condition. The brutal overseer of torture and death never had to face justice in this life for his injustices against humanity. Even as I have a father who suffered from a heart attack, my sympathies for Pinochet are as cold as stone when I think of the Chilean mothers of the disappeared who were made to suffer at the hand of this tyrant and who will one day drawing nigh dance on his grave.

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  1. I must say that I'm sad. Sad because that man is dying... I'm chilean, and I believe that this poor man (of brain) shouldn't die so peacefully. He must be really judged HERE, but he is going happy (because that monster has no conscience) while a lot of people is still crying for his family.
    Forgive me if this comment is short, but my knowledge about english is very poor because of the education that gave us the dictatorship.