Thursday, December 21, 2006

Cornerstone Pastor Draws Islamic Comparison to Klan Again in a NewsChannel5 Interview

Originally published at Free Tennessee:

Cornerstone Church Pastor Maury Davis once again compared Muslims to Klansmen in criticizing Governor Phil Bredesen's personal choice of Christmas cards in an audience with NewsChannel5 yesterday.
If on Martin Luther King day you sent a picture of a Klansman and said, "Martin Luther had a dream that this guy would one day get along with the people he is trying to kill," I'm not sure that the African American community would handle that very well .... I think that we have to understand that we have a problem right now between our culture, their culture, the religions, possibly, and I think Christmas ought to be kept pure at this moment.
While NewsChannel5 included comments from Gov. Bredesen as the alternative point of view, they failed--like News 2 earlier this week--to broadcast contrasting points of view from local Christian communities of faith.  At one point Rev. Davis claimed that the picture of the Afghani girl on Bredesen's personal card is a picture of the Muslim faith.  If Rev. Davis's face--broadcast on two news stations this week--is supposed to be a picture of Christian faith, then it is a distorted and narrow picture of diverse Christianity.

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