Monday, June 09, 2008

Lawson's Formulaic Disdain for Neighborhoods in a Nutshell

There is a formula the keeps surfacing in the madness:
  1. Distract with a pox-on-both-or-all-houses attitude toward the intractable nature of the tensions or conflict.
  2. Depict developers (or investors) as having honest, though disorganized intentions.
  3. Impugn the motives of neighborhood leaders; or at least insinuate their troglodytic character.
Whether the subject is the Kleinfelter controversy, proposed Bells Bend sprawl, or Metro subsidizing the Nashville Predators, Richard Lawson seems to have a standard ringer for shearing the various sides in a debate. And neighborhood leaders always seem to get the worst of it, as in today's insinuation that advocates only labor to piss off developers, as if development were not the issue.

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