Tuesday, June 10, 2008

That's All NashPo's Got?

I was wondering if the NashPo blog was ever going to get to the fire that City Paper writer Richard Lawson has been taking (and long been deserving) for his minimizing stance on developers and for his jaded views of neighborhoods. I mean I understand that Lawson formerly wrote for NashPo and I get that that NashPo blogger ACK has been favorably disposed toward the NCP posse in the past and I can fully appreciate that both NashPo and NCP are all part of one big loyal family now.

But c'mon. After all of the newsworthy ruckus during the past couple of days and especially the debate between Lawson and Bruce Barry, the best coverage that AC Kleinheider can come up with is NCP Editor Clint Brewer's typical defense of his own writers against all foes, foreign and domestic? But thank goodness NashPo's got Glen Dean's standard red-baiting covered (you'll have to find ACK's Glen Dean post yourself; I don't care to waste the energy to look for it). Otherwise, it might be accused of actually covering local debates that have merit and carry some weight.

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