Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Metro Planning Says "Don't Call Us" [According to District 17 Listserv]

This email from Metro Planning's Craig Ow[e]nsby was posted on the Council District 17 listserv:

You want to know - Is it a Condo, Townhouse or PUD? (Don't call us)

We're getting a LOT more calls, about four times as many as in the past, asking whether a development is a condo (development) or townhouse (development) and/or what its common or private elements may be.

We can't answer those questions any more. There are just too many calls to handle.

You can, though, get the necessary information by checking the property deed and any associated master deed at the Register of Deeds' office (website below), or through a real-estate attorney.

We will continue to verify zoning and PUD status on specific properties.

Questions or comments: Craig Owensby - Public Information Officer, Metro Planning 862-7192

CLARIFICATION: Craig Owensby sent me the following e-mail:
that post about our phone calls was REALLY misleading. For the original version with no parenthetical comments added, go to our page at and click "development dispatch" on the lower left... nowhere does it say "don't call us." and it doesn't misspell my name two different ways, either.


  1. Craig is right. There is a vast difference in what he wrote and what you posted. Were the parenthetical comments added by you or were they on the 17th district listserv?

  2. I posted the comments as they were posted to the listserv.

  3. For what Metro pays Craig Owensby, he can personally answer every phone call from every citizen. In a year with such a slim budget, why in the world does Nashville pay one man so much to do so little? It is a huge waste of taxpayer money.

    As a taxpayer, I would like a printed account of what this former "spin-doctor" of Metro Schools really does. Let's post that on the internet.