Saturday, June 21, 2008

Happy Summer Solstice!

According to the calendar the summer solstice came at 1 minute before midnight last night, which means that spring is officially over. And if you are concerned about the state taking measures to prevent crime at Bicentennial Mall and supporting North End residents (unlike the leadership of Historic Germantown, Inc.), then you know that the passing of spring signals that we are two seasons and two of State Senator Thelma Harper's broken promises past pledged changes at Bicentennial Mall State Park that might prevent crime, both day and night.

I plan on writing Senator Harper another letter before Midsummer's Night on Tuesday, but it bears marking this day, and praying that HGI President, Stacy Mosley, is being truthful in saying that the pledged changes are coming in the fall and that we need to put our faith in her. She has put HGI's credibility on the line with Senator Harper's on that score. If the state fails to produce in the fall like it has in the spring and last winter, HGI's leadership looks either gullible or intimidated or overprotective of state officials.

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