Friday, June 13, 2008

Chicago Suburb Outlaws Window Mounted AC Units

This ordinance had to be written by people with central AC. A window mounted unit is not nearly as ugly as a DirectTV dish sticking out of the side of a house. Sounds a bit heartless to me.


  1. Watch your cred mr. mike. If this was applicable to Garfield Street or perhaps your favorite 40oz convenience store you would be on it like flies on pies.

    Window mounted air units are indeed a folly. The baffles that are supplied never ever quite match the sash, dumb people who put them in usually have them in by a thread. To pierce a wood framed wall to frame a box to carry those type of units is fairly elementary.

  2. Hopefully, my cred is built on something more than restrictions on homeowners. We've got more to worry about with K & M Market than AC units.

    Every Nashville neighborhood I've lived in--west, east, and north--has had structures with window mounted units. I really don't have an issue with them. Maybe it's because I've always lived in climates where they are more necessity than luxury.