Sunday, June 29, 2008

Activist Supreme Court Upholds Enronesque Artificially Inflated Utility Prices

This has got to be a joke, because the reality is a farce. SCOTUS is essentially extending the utility giveaway that unethical John McCain economic advisor Phil Gramm started for his buddies and campaign contributors at Enron by defending a federal regulatory commission that is refusing state governments' wish to renegotiate bogus contracts.  Regulation in the Bush era (or error) is worth about as much as a pile of poop a stray leaves at a landfill.

SCOTUS backed up a federal regulatory commission's decision to shield the high western utility prices based on the "sanctity of contracts." Like I said, that's a joke.  How come contracts did not matter 6 or 7 years ago when Enron was cooking its books to show fake income and prompting suppliers to shut down energy plants under the false pretense of maintenance only to drive up the utility prices Californians had to pay?  If the sanctity of contracts really existed, then private utility prices would be rolled back to their pre-Enron days.

The SCOTUS decision is based on protecting the corporate political interest in making as much money off of people saps like us by any means necessary.  The biggest joke is the pretense of sanctity at Supreme Court.

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