Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Dear Print Media

Fewer editorials and more investigative reporting on the financial backers behind Eric Crafton's English Only ballot initiative, please.

I know that editorials sell papers, but don't journalists have some obligation to dig up valuable information that no nonjournalist can?

Editorials are nothing more than blog posts in hard copy.


  1. Hmmm.. I'm not sure editorials DO sell newspapers -- that's the point of movie listings and coupons! But they ARE a lot cheaper and easier to put together than an investigative team.

    Our media has become increasingly lazy, and then they wonder why circulation has fallen to the point where the Tennessean is giving away its papers.

  2. Er--Why is tracking down Crafton's financial backers so all-fired important? Your obsession with this question seems ad hominem to me--an attempt to discredit an idea by attacking its supporters. Crafton's proposal is vicious and stupid; it will be so regardless of who's supporting it. And, short of learning that it's being bankrolled by Osama Bin Laden, I fail to see how it will matter to voters who's backing Crafton

  3. Transparency in political contributions is ad hominem? Alright.

    Better be careful calling Crafton's proposal "vicious and stupid." Someone might call your evaluation an "obsession."