Monday, June 09, 2008

Enclave Already Gives the Context Behind the Letter

The City Paper picked up the story on the school re-zoning letter signed by the North End/Downtown association presidents. Here is some context you already had before NCP publication.

According to this morning's story, Historic Germantown, Inc. Prez Stacy Mosley says:
residents of downtown neighborhoods moved there, at a risk, with the “promise” that their children could attend high-performing Hillsboro cluster schools .... neighbors want their children to attend schools with “balanced” racial and socioeconomic mixes. It’s not good for anybody. It’s not good for the kids that are poor. It’s not good for the kids who are wealthy .... [Neighborhood schools are] not a good idea here.
Prez Mosley doesn't speak for this resident of a downtown neighborhood. I've already advocated refurbishing the Fehr School building and using it as a neighborhood school for what is still a desegregated and diverse North End. And I've advocated giving neighborhood schools like it more money than other schools. I'm opposed to the re-districting plan, but I'm also opposed to what appears to be paternalism advocated this morning.

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