Saturday, June 21, 2008

At the Risk of Violating Rexblog's Fair Use Policy

His point about the AP-muchado-about-nothing over blogging their stories and fair use needs to be read:
The reality is, there are lots of sources to link to who would welcome the Google juice that comes from bloggers linking to them. The Wall Street Journal goes out of its way to tear down its paywall for bloggers. So if the AP wants to drive traffic away from its member newspaper sites and to content from Reuters, Dow-Jones, the New York Times and the original news stories on which much of the AP stories are based, then why bother fighting them?
The AP wizards who came up with the idea of fighting bloggers who post their content are being bone-headed, but why give them more of a sense of purpose by fighting or even paying attention to them? The Aristotelian axiom applies here: the best form of revenge is living (or writing) well. I don't need the AP to blog; you don't need them either.


  1. I think I have a link to a creative commons license on my site that has already granted you the rights to doing pretty much anything you want, but in any event, I hereby grant enclave and S-townMke the right to use my blog posts in anyway you see fit whenever you point a link my way.


  2. I figured as much. I couldn't pass up a tongue-in-cheek title, though. Nonetheless, I've got it in writing now for prominent display and future reference!

    Pleased as punch to point readers to one of the more interesting local blogs.