Monday, June 09, 2008

Rex Needs to Learn a Little English, Too

The word "gentry" is generally associated with a ruling class. Compared to developers, their lawyers, and the truckloads of money that they donate to political campaigns (like Mayor Karl Dean's), neighborhood "forces" are quite meager resistance. Follow the donations and the lobbyists. They ain't coming from the neighborhoods. Rex needs to get a grip on the reality beyond the condescending terms that the true elites ("moderates" and their development clientele) use to poke fun at the modest influence of neighborhood groups. Get beyond just Janel.

Now I'm going out to mow my own lawn and pull some weeds on hands and knees. I wonder how many elite Court House moderates and developers do that?

UPDATE: Kay Brooks says that good government advocates are "nuts."

She also takes some shots at HGI President Stacy Mosley:

I understand they took a chance on that part of town but also ensured, as best they could, that their children would attend 'high-performing Hillsboro cluster' schools. Would they have taken that same chance if the Hillsboro Cluster hadn't been available? No one really believes they would have. Likely what they'll do is what the East Nashville GooGoos did, opt out of the neighborhood school and create an enhanced option or design school. These 'urban pioneers' shouldn't pat themselves on the back for their support of public schools when they've done that.
NashPo's blog took their own shots at Stacy wanting it "her way" this morning in Gentrification Is Not Like Burger King.

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