Thursday, June 19, 2008

More on One of the Most Unscrupulous Businesses Located in Nashville

We need more dirt like this dug up by the media, given CCA's rap sheet and its collusion with ICE. It's a fertile field ripe for sharp media plows in the home quarters as well as at CCA gulags around the country. But this is progress:
CCA's well-respected CEO, John Ferguson, sits on the elite board of the Nashville symphony while corporate counsel Gus Puryear belongs to the rich and lilly white Belle Meade Country Club. So, unlike the families in their care, Gus and John probably take for granted the luxury of a quiet moment on the throne.
They have to find something to do with their cut of the $3 million per month CCA gets from our taxes in exchange for keeping innocent kids in cells for hours with no toys or diversions and under threat of being taken from their parents. There may not be a place in prison for corporate officers who tolerate the abuse of children, but there ought to be a part of hell with their names on it.

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