Thursday, June 26, 2008

Planning Commission Disapproves 7th & Garfield Rezoning Proposal

Expressing the wish that the proposed SP zone change for the Ardelia Park plan slow down, be tweaked design-wise, and get squared away on stormwater run-off and with NES on powerline configuration, the Planning Commission unanimously disapproved the SP with the expressed expectation that it come back to them for reconsideration.

The rezoning request could not be deferred by the Commission, since it is scheduled for second reading at next Tuesday's Metro Council meeting. However, with the disapproval by the Planning Commission, a supermajority (27 votes) is required for the council to pass the SP after feedback is given at the public hearing.

I am curious to see whether Erica Gilmore moves forward or defers the proposal, given the Commission vote. I agreed with the sentiment that this plan is probably moving too quickly, given that all of the ducks (stormwater, NES, and Planning) are not yet lined up.

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